• How much are my annual dues and where do I send them?
    • Annual Dues for 2021 Invoices have been mailed out as of 4/13/21.
    • The dues are $100 for the calendar year and are payable no later than May 31.
    • Late penalties accrue after that date.
    • Please send checks to:
      Mission Park HOA
      P.O. Box 45608
      Omaha, NE 68145
    • Please also include the lot number on your check – lot numbers are printed on the invoices.
  • I am constructing an above or below ground external improvement on my lot, do I need approval from the HOA Board?
    • Yes, please submit your plans to [email protected] for approval.
    • Article 1, Section A (Covenant): No residence, building, fence, other than fences constructed by the Association, wall, pathway, driveway, patio, patio cover or enclosure, deck, rock garden, treehouse, swimming pool, pool house, tennis court, dog house, television or radio antenna, satellite and receiving dishes, flag pole, solar heating or cooling collecting panels, devise or equipment, tool shed, outdoor lighting, or other external improvement, above or below the surface of the ground (herein all referred to as any “Improvement”) shall be constructed, erected, placed, planted, altered, or otherwise maintained or permitted to remain on any Lot, nor shall any grading, excavation, or tree removal be commenced without express written prior approval of the Board.